Our mission is to help organisations secure their future by creating, organising and delivering innovation in a rapidly digitising world

InnoAdds is a professional organisation with people who have in-depth knowledge and experiences in innovation management. Our approach is personal, hands-on and independent. We ‘connect you to the new’, in a way that simplifies complexity, building lasting partnerships for future value creation.

Innovation is in the DNA of our people

Our people have proven track records at first class organisations shaping and driving innovation. Our people bring decades of practical and academic experiences and a network of digital enthusiasts to support you in all aspects of digital innovation and transformation.

Our network of experts allows us to bring the right knowledge, experience and skill-set to your challenge. Securing a personal, flexible and high quality service to our clients.

Kees van der Klauw


+31 0(6) 224 936 14



Hello, my name is Kees van der Klauw I’m the Co-founder of and Partner in InnoAdds. I focus on helping clients in organising and driving innovation successful and building strong functional and digital ecosystems clients (aspire to) operate in. I have over 30 years of experience in research and innovation management in industries and markets that have been transformed by the introduction of digital technologies within Philips. Over the years I brought strategic vision to the table in several business transformations within Philips based on a strong knowledge of technology and technical solutions in general. In this I take an end-user perspective.

I’m a hands-on person leading innovation teams in the semiconductor and electronic components industries, in consumer electronics and in professional systems. I was an executive in different innovation management roles. I have ample experience in high-tech operations (manufacturing) and general management and has contributed to international partnerships, ventures and M&A.

In addition, I’m the chairman of the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (www.aioti.eu) which stimulates the European IoT Innovation eco-system.

I’m a very passionate person that is always interested in new technologies with a functional goal. I’m a visionary person that embraces the opportunities coming from these new technologies and help organisations creating future values.

Edwin Wibbelink

Associate Partner

+31 (0)6 832 265 53



Hello, my name is Edwin Wibbelink and I’m an Associate Partner at InnoAdds. My expertise is in branding and design and my focus is on helping clients with their challenges in applying this to the innovation process.

Most likely, the future of brands is defined through new products and services, helping to bring a brand strategy to life through a value proposition and tangible customer experience. The role of branding is finding the match between who you are as a company and what your customer really values. When the importance of such a brand-driven, pull-based, approach is understood by people involved in innovation, the effectiveness of their innovations is likely to increase enormously.

Design helps strategy turn into tangible experiences and it will shape the relationship with your customer. That relationship has the opportunity to be strengthened every time the customer encounters a so called ‘brand touch point’, but it requires the touch-point to be designed as the unique and perfect answer to both company and customer needs. That is a great challenge and is not be underestimated.

Wietze van der Aa

Associate Partner

+31 (0)6 249 149 29



Hello, my name is Prof. Wietze van der Aa and I’m an Associate Partner at InnoAdds. I focus on helping clients by bringing multiple perspectives to the table on innovation management and service innovation, with a special interest in service-centric organisations. I have over 20 years of experience in leading innovation in professional service organisations.

In addition to my role at InnoAdds, I’m is Director at the Amsterdam Business School. The Amsterdam Centre for Service Innovation (AMSI) is part of Amsterdam Business School / University of Amsterdam and ‘Vrije Universiteit’ Amsterdam. The focus of the centre is research & learning programmes on innovation in the service industries. I’m a person that likes to bring practical and academic examples to the table which helps organisations to look out-of-the-box and generate innovation to create future values.

Geert Neuttiens

Associate Partner, Digital Systems Expert

+32 (0)4 71 64 85 99



Hello, my name is Geert Neuttiens. I am an Associate Partner at InnoAdds. As digital systems expert, I focus on supporting clients in translating the business strategy into concrete systems innovation programs. Therefore, I am equipped with a backpack of 20 years of practical experience.

I worked for several businesses (small to big, regional to global) that all went through a game changing transition due to the digitalisation. Analogue products became connected digital systems, going together with a shake-up of the competition landscape/business models. As innovation leader, I was directly responsible for the effectuation of the business strategy into the right digital systems/solutions. I was in charge of a broad range of activities: from taking business critical technology decisions to the transformation of the R&D organisational blueprint. Efficiency was reached i.a. by platform creation and the establishment of strategic partnerships. My recipe for success is creating strong x-functional teams, equipped with the right skills/procedures. Being the passionate digital system captain, I stay on board until the systems/solutions are successfully launched into the market.

Digitalisation also introduces complexity. Therefore, I let myself always be guided by the motto: “Master the complexity internally, hide it externally”. With pleasure, I am willing to explain why this motto is so essential for success and what it would mean for you!

Rob Wolters

Associate Partner

+32 (0)4 680 467 28



Hello, my name is Rob Wolters. I am an Associate Partner at InnoAdds. My expertise in Telecommunication and ICT has been gained on large ICT projects in various types of business, but also by bringing 2G, 3G and 4G mobile network technology and associated services to several telecom operators and industry customers in the Western European market; and, most recently, by supporting these players with a smooth and cost-efficient evolution to 5G and related use-cases.

The ever accelerating developments in Technology; like Connectivity (where 5G will cater the Internet of Things with improved latency and speed), Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics, etc.; provide a continuously growing plethora of possibilities and are hence an opportunity as well as a threat to many businesses: disrupt or be disrupted. I believe that the ones to succeed in the new ecosystems enabled by digital transformations, will be those best at building cooperation in partnerships with big as well as small(er) specialized players, rather than those doing it all on their own.

With 25 years of experience - first as consultant at Accenture, next at Ericsson in various Key Account Management positions carrying the commercial and operational customer responsibility, and most recently as P&L responsible for the Netherlands as Country Manager and Managing Director - my focus has always been on building client-supplier partnerships to provide our clients with leading-edge technology and early market mover advantage. This can only be achieved in long-term business relationships built on confidence and trust and by building strong and diverse multidisciplinary teams solving business challenges based on jointly developed innovative solutions and services.

I am an analytical but pragmatic team player, always up for a new challenge with the intrinsic drive and enthusiasm to get the job done.