Delivering innovation in a digital world

Our mission is to help organisations to secure their future by creating, organising and delivering innovation in a rapidly digitising world.

InnoAdds is an organisation with in-depth knowledge and experiences in innovation management. ‘Connecting you to the new’ with a personal, hands-on approach and independent view. In a way that simplifies complexity and builds lasting partnerships for future value creation.


Innovation as second nature

With a proven track record in international organisations that shaped their future with innovation, InnoAdds brings decades of experience, combined with a network of digital enthusiasts to support you in all aspects of digital innovation and transformation. A personal, flexible and high quality service that brings the right knowledge, experience and skill set to address your challenge.


I’m Kees van der Klauw. Founder of InnoAdds. I focus on helping clients…


Innovation Management

Innovation determines a large part of your future (company) value. But do you spend too little or too much resources on innovation? On the right subjects?

Innovation Ecosystems

Traditionally, innovation was confined to the internal organisation, sometimes leveraging suppliers. But being successful in today’s digital world, innovation requires understanding, participating in or even leading a complex network.

Innovation Due Diligence

Too often are innovation capabilities and the innovation pipeline neglected in due diligence. But top and bottom line results of today are no guarantee at all for tomorrow, particularly in a fast moving digital world.