Your Innovation Due Diligence Challenges

Do you know…

- how to assess future value of the innovation and R&D activities of your potential acquisition or investments?
- whether your investment target has a healthy innovation pipeline, securing a return on investment in 4-7 years?
- the innovation position of your acquisition against competition?
- the impact of new technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Digital Twins, Additive Manufacturing, VR/AR, Blockchain, AI,...?
- the strength of an IP and/or trade secrets portfolio?
- how to balance balance between short-term and long-term innovations?

How to assess future value of Innovation?

… or how to avoid a deception in the future?

There are two key decision moments for investors:

1. Before investing , you want to understand the current status of the innovation organisation, its portfolio, and the potential to contribute to a solid ROI in the (near) future.
2. Having invested, you want to secure that the innovation organisation generates a maximum future value, leveraging all available options.

InnoAdds helps clients to assess and realise innovation opportunities, hands-on, with a proven track record in the digital age. We help you diagnose innovation and R&D of your investment target and help you to developing concrete action plans for securing maximum future value.

Our Services on Innovation Due Diligence

InnoAdds takes inside-out and outside-in perspectives and addresses among others organisation, competencies and capabilities, technology, processes, value proposition portfolios, customer trends, business development, project management…, and provides interim management services.