Your Innovation Ecosystem Challenges

You may have experienced already…

- competitors emerging from nowhere
- difficulties keeping up with rapid technological and scope expansions
- the power and complexity of platforms
- the need to reconsider your position and identity in the value chain
- the need to reconsider your partners, suppliers
- the quest to identify new partners and make ecosystems work for you
- complexities in defining future oriented, multi-win partnerships

How to successfully participate in, and leverage innovation ecosystems?

Traditionally innovation was confined to the internal organisation, sometimes leveraging suppliers. But being successful in todays ‘digital’ innovation world requires understanding, participating in or even leading a complex network of partners, customers, end-users, suppliers and platform providers while identifying and securing one’s own differentiating value.

InnoAdds helps clients to identify Open Innovation needs and opportunities and with its markable experience an a strong network, connects them with ecosystem partners for successful and lasting collaboration platforms. Making complexity simply manageable.

Our Services on Innovation Ecosystems

InnoAdds takes inside-out and outside-in perspectives and addresses among others organisation, competencies and capabilities, technology, processes, value proposition portfolios, customer trends, business development, project management…, and provides interim management services.