Your Innovation Management Challenges

Do you…

- spend too little or too much on innovation? On the right subjects?
- have the right balance between short- and long-term innovations?
- anticipate traditional business models becoming outdated?
- know how to enable new products and services using platforms?
- envisage how your organisation can still exist in the future?
- struggle keeping up with competitors in launching new propositions?
- understand what digitisation and Internet of Things may bring to you?

How to make innovation deliver future value?

You are likely wondering how you will get future value from your innovation activities. Or maybe you are ahead, you already create revenues from your innovation activities and are wondering:

- how to organise your innovation more aligned to your business strategy
- what balance you need between organising innovation internally or leverage on strengths of players in your ecosystem
- how to design and manage your innovation portfolio successfully
- how to run your innovation projects efficiently
- what support tools to use
- what innovation competences and capabilities to develop and to attract

InnoAdds helps clients to realise innovation opportunities, hands-on, with a proven track record in assessing, organising and delivering innovation in the digital age. We help you diagnose your position, build a strategy and action plans and implement innovation which delivers more value.

Our Services on Innovation Management

InnoAdds takes inside-out and outside-in perspectives and addresses among others organisation, competencies and capabilities, technology, processes, value proposition portfolios, customer trends, business development, project management…, and provides interim management services.