We create higher value from your innovation in a professional and personalised partnership

We help private and public, large and small, government and non-government organisations with creating future value by:

- assessing existing innovation organisations, functions and activities
- developing innovation strategies and improvement plans
- implementing strategies and improvements

…in a hands-on and personalised way!

Innovation is on the agenda of almost every organisation nowadays, especially with the emerge of advanced technological and societal trends such as IoT, Data Analytics, Digital Twins, Additive Manufacturing, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Social Media Platforms, Society 5.0,…

Based on our experiences we see organisations under- and overestimating the impact on their business and struggle capturing the future value innovations should bring them.

There are multiple reasons why organisations fail to capture value from innovation, such as:

- not having a clear and aligned innovation strategy
- unbalanced spending or on the wrong subjects
- traditional business models losing relevance and facing difficulties implementing innovative ones
- not having good insights in customer experiences and their pains and gains driving innovation
- not having the right balance between short-term and long-term innovation
- not having the right balance between inside-out and outside-in innovation
- not leveraging platforms
- not knowing how to participate in relevant innovation ecosystems and how to benefit from it
- not having the right competences and capabilities on board and being an attractor for talent

% Innovation spent – what applies to you?