Your Servitisation Challenges

- Is your business suffering from the pressure of commoditisation?
- Are new competitors entering your domain?
- Does your current innovation enable new value propositions?
- Are your customers asking you to deliver (more) services?
- Do you want to build a recurring interaction with your customers?

How to achieve growth by services?

You may be aware already that services can help to differentiate your products in the market. Or you may need help in assessing innovation trends that will disrupt your business. Or you just need to implement the right platform, methods and skills for services-based growth and customer satisfaction.

InnoAdds helps clients to identify and realise the services opportunity. We have ample experience in assessing, planning and successfully delivering the services opportunity as part of innovation in the digital age.
We guide you through an efficient and effective service development process, providing you with new insights and competitive strengths for growth.

Our Services on Servitisation

InnoAdds takes inside-out and outside-in perspectives and addresses among others organisation, competencies and capabilities, technology, processes, value proposition portfolios, customer trends, business development, project management…, and provides interim management services.