Due Diligence

Top and bottom line results of today are no guarantee at all for tomorrow.

Too often are innovation capabilities and the innovation pipeline neglected in due diligence.

Top and bottom line results of today are no guarantee at all for tomorrow, particularly in a fast moving digital world.  Do you know…

  • how to assess future value of the innovation and R&D activities of your potential acquisition or investments?
  • whether your investment target has a healthy innovation pipeline, securing a return on investment in 4-7 years?
  • the innovation position of your acquisition compared to the competition?
  • the potential impact of new technologies?
  • the strength of an IP and/or trade secrets portfolio?

There are two decisive moments for investors:

  1. Before investing, you’ll want to know the current status of the innovation organisation, it’s portfolio, and the potential to contribute to a solid return on investment in the (near) future;
  2. Having invested, you’ll want to secure that the innovation organisation generates a maximum future value, leveraging all available options.



InnoAdds supports you to assess and realise innovation opportunities, hands-on, with a proven track record in the digital age. Helping you diagnose innovation and R&D for your investment (target) and assisting in developing concrete action plans for securing maximum future value.

Our Services on Innovation Due Diligence


Leveraging our dedicated methods and experience, experts asses the innovation strengths and weaknesses of your investment target:

  • Innovation Agility Diagnostic– Assessment of the innovation ability, flexibility and strength of your investment portfolio;
  • Innovation Due Diligence– Valuation of the innovation organisation and activities of potential investments;
  • Innovation Control Points Diagnostic– Assessment of active and sitting patents, secrets, know how, platforms and other (potential) control points.


Develop the right innovation strategy and action plans for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and post-merger integration (PMI) by building on your business ambitions and reference:

  • Innovation Management– Improve and/or develop an innovation strategy, organisation and activities and their implementation.
  • Value Proposition Development– Create new products and/or services and generate new revenue streams.


Supporting the post investment, -acquisition or -merger implementation of the innovation plan to create maximum future value:

  • Innovation Interim Management– Lead the innovation organisation and activities until performance is on par;
  • Coach your internal innovation leadership and organisation to high performance levels